Sunday, May 4, 2014


 The book I read was “The Great Gatsby” by F. Scott Fitzgerald. This book is based on the lifestyle of American in the 20’s. Nick Carraway was a young man that moved to New York, to be in the bonding business. He lived in West Egg also known New money and his cousin Daisy lived in East Egg also known as Old money. Nick lived next to a very mysterious guy named Jay Gatsby. Jay Gatsby had lavish parties which a lot of people attended. However nobody ever meet Gatsby some even said he didn’t exist. But Nick meet Gatsby and got to know the really Jay Gatsby. Gatsby was a self-made guy who made all his money through the prohibition; he was estranged from his family. What drove him to make so much money was Daisy, when he was a young man he meet Daisy and he fell in love with her, but he knew that to have the upper class girl he must have the money so he went away to find it. Daisy promise that she would wait for him, but when she thought he had died in the war she married Tom Buchannan. When Gatsby return he vowed to get her back. But the love they ones had was no longer there and Gatsby failed to see that. Gatsby tried everything to get her back but she didn’t love him but only toyed with his emotion. Jay Gatsby was a hopeless romantic and that led to his tragedy. Tom Buchannan was having an affair with George wife Myrtle. Tom was disgusted with Gatsby and wanted to get him out of his wife life so he told George that Gatsby was having an affair with his wife and Tom got so enraged he killed Gatsby. Daisy didn’t even cry when he died, she continued her life as if nothing happened.  Nick was however distorted by the death of his close friend. Gatsby thought money could get him the girl he wanted, that shows that money can’t buy everything.                                                                                                                                                                           
After reading this book I was taken aback. At this point in history in the stock market was booming and people was party like there was no tomorrow. Traditions were thrown through the wind, the moral decay of people were terrible.  Also I was disappointed that at Gatsby funeral no one attended. He helped many people and gave them lavish gifts however they didn’t bother to go to his funeral.  I also thought that it was commendable and heartwarming, that Nick went to his funeral by the way he planned and was the only person who attended the funeral. It was not required of him to do this but it came from his heart and the love of his friend.                                                                               
The author intent was to show the moral decay of people in the 20’s and that money cannot buy everything. This story was chronologically organized.


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